What We Do

Using the principles employed by large corporations, we help businesses of any size benefit from a marketing strategy – because we believe that every business deserves to benefit from strategy-led marketing. 

The word ‘strategy’ can sound complex, but we simply work to answer questions in five areas: 

  • Objectives. What must marketing deliver?
  • Brand. What’s your point of difference? 
  • Competition. What are they doing well or badly?
  • Customers. Who are they and who should they be?
  • Media. Where can you reach customers efficiently? 

To do this, we identify which questions need answering for your business, then conduct a range of research and analysis, tailored to your budget. With these questions answered, and your marketing strategy in place, you can move forward to make marketing decisions with confidence and certainty. 

We can then help turn this strategy into reality. Depending on the media channels identified, we recommend one of two approaches. In some cases, we create the required marketing materials, producing impactful collateral to get into the hands and homes of potential customers. In other cases, we work with other experts to bring the strategy to life - bringing in a designer, for example, or working with a client's existing designer. Either way, we work with clients to ensure the resulting marketing reflects their new strategy, so that it is well-placed to grow their business.    

We also work closely with clients to measure and analyse results, to ensure their marketing continues to evolve successfully.   

Here's how one of our clients put it:

"Green Mineral Marketing quickly got to know our business and our market, applying marketing expertise to our business situation. 

Through research and analysis, Brooke successfully identified our brand's point of difference - something we haven't been able to articulate before. This means we are now able to truly do our business justice in our marketing. 

We know that what we’re communicating stands us apart from our competitors which, in a competitive marketplace, is extremely important to us. We also know that what we’re saying is of interest to our potential customers, tapping in to what they think about when selecting an estate agent. We’re able to invest in marketing with much more confidence because of the thought and rigour that sits behind it.  

Green Mineral Marketing has given us a great grounding for successful marketing now and into the future."

Andrew Waterfall, Waterfalls Sales & Lettings, Woking